Create or have your students create digital flashcards.

Cram, is a relatively new website/mobile app, that will let teachers and students create digital flashcards.  Once the cards are created, students can play games that will help them memorize their vocabulary.  I am currently creating a set for my Spanish students.  Below is a quick demonstration on how to create your first set of flashcards.

  • The website address is:
  • After you register for an account just click on the
    • Create new Flashcards
  • Next give your flashcard set a title and a description.
    • Flashcard descripions
  • The really neat thing about is that you can also import csv files from your computer or from Google Docs.
    • Import Flashcards from Google Drive
  • You can also select which langauges you will be using for your flashcards.  This is great for language teachers like myself.
  • Now it time to create your flashcards.  Just type the word on the left and the definition on the right, or viceversa. 
    • Create flashcards
  • The flashcards have a WYSYWIG interface so that you can change font color, size and even add language symbols to which the arrows are pointing.
  • Once you are done with typing in the vocabulary and definitions, click the "Create Set" button.
  • There are several options in which students can study their flashcards.
  • They can use the memorize option to simple memorize the flashcards, test option to create multiple choice tests and my personal favorite are the two games that students can play.
  • You can also share the flashcards via email and print.
  • Finally your students can access your flashcards by iPhone, Smartphone, Tablets, and by computer.

Again, this is really fun way for students to practice their vocabulary words.

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