EdTech Tip: Quick methods of highlighting, copying and pasting text and images.

To be able to copy and paste is extremely important.  Highlighting what is going to be copied and pasted is a skill in itself. Almost everybody knows how to highlight, copy, and paste, but here are some tricks that will make it easier.

  1. The Triple Click Method
    • This method help you quickly highlight a word or the entire paragraph.
    • Double click on a word and it will be highlighted.
      • double click to highlight.jpg
    • Triple click on any word in a paragraph and the entire paragraph will be highlighted.
      • triple-click-to-highlight.jpg
  2. Highlight all text on a page.
    • In order to copy everything on a website you just need to user your keyboard by clicking "Ctrl-a" or the "Ctrl" key and the "a" key together.
    • This will not only highlight the text, but all images as well.
  3. Hot keys to copy
    • Ctrl-c
  4. Hot keys to paste
    • Ctrl-v
  5. Copying and Saving Images
    • I tell my clients many times that the "Right click key is your friend." Left clicking performs actions and right clicking gives you options.
    • To copy a picture, just right click on it and select the "copy" option.  Now you can right click in your document where you would like your picture to go and select the "paste" option
    • copy image.jpgpaste image.jpg
  6. The highlight and then drag and drop method
    • Lets say you have parts of a document you want to use for a project you are working on.  It is a pain to be on one website, copy information and then change tabs or programs like Word so that you can paste your information.  Below is how I like to handle the situation.
    • First I use the restore down button that you all have seen, but might not have used very often.  It is found in the upper right corner of every program.
      • restore-down-button.jpg
      • This button allows you to now resize your window.  Once it is restored down, place your mouse at the edge of the program window and your mouse will change to a double arrow icon.
        • double arrow icon.jpg
      • Now lift click and hold and you can resize the width and height of the window.  If you hover your mouse at the very corner you can resize height and width at the same time.
        • corner-window-resize-icon.jpg
    • Do this for both programs you are using, for example I am writing a document in Google Docs so I resize that screen and I am copying information from the internet so I resize that screen.  I drag them side by side.
    • Now you can left click on any image and drag it right onto your document.
      • dragging-image.jpg
      • As you drag the image you will see a "+" symbol show up signifying that you are able to drop that image there.  If you get a different symbol it means you can't place it there.
    • You can use the triple click method above to highlight a paragraph of text and then drag it onto your working document as well.
      • highlight-paragraph.jpg
  7. Dragging to highlight
    • Another way to highlight text that you want to copy and paste is to just left click an area that you want to highlight and drag your cursor down to where you want to finish highlighting.
      • giphy.gif
  8. Using the shift key
    • Sometimes the dragging to highlight can be problematic because you end up draging to far, or it scrolls all the way down to the bottom.  
    • To solve this problem you can use your shift key.
      • Click to the left of the first word in any paragraph.
      • Even if you don't see your cursor, the computer remembers where you clicked.
      • Hold down your shift key and click on the last word you want to highlight.
        • shift-to-highlight.jpg


With a little practice using these methods your ability to gather and place information into your documents will have been greatly increased.  I can't imaging going through a world of technology without using these methods.