EdTech Tip: Screen Capture Images the Easy Way

I have used many screen capture programs throughout my 19 year career as a teacher and have settled on the program LightShot.  I find LightShot very easy to use.  You can save, share and print the images quickly.  You can also edit the images without having to go to separate image editing software.  If you are looking a way to capture images and add enhancements to the images in order to better engage your students and teach them, then LightShot is a great way to go.  In fact I use and currently am using LightShot to create this tutorial. Below is a video tutorial and a written tutorial on how to download, install, and use LightShot effectively.




  1. Go to: https://app.prntscr.com/en/index.html
  2. Click the "Download for Windows" or Download for Mac" buttons at the top right.
    • lightshot-download buttons.jpg
  3. Download the file to a location you can easily find.  I usually download to either my "Downloads" folder or to my desktop.
    • download-save-button.jpg
  4. If you are using Google Chrome, when a download completes it will put a button down at the bottom of the browser.  Click it.
    • open-download-button.jpg
  5. A dialog box opens, click the "yes" button.
  6. You should now see the LightShot "feather" icon on the bottom right of you screen.  If you don't see it, you may need to click the "up" arrow icon to reveal some hidden icons.
    • lightshot-feather-icon.jpg


Using LightShot:

  1. ​To use LightShot just click the feather icon and you screen will dim.
  2. Once it has dimmed you draw a rectangle around anything visible on your screen.  
  3. Play with the different buttons to explore what they can do.  I would use LightShot to show you, but I can't screen capture a screen capture.  Watch the video tutorial above to see how to use it.

LightShot Tip:

  1. Create a "hot-key" so that you don't have to click the feather icon to get it started.  A hot key is just a couple of key strokes that when punched on your computer will activate the program.  I use ctrl-p and that is the same as clicking the feather.
  2. To create the hot key, right click on the feather icon and select the "Options" option.
    • LightShot-Options.jpg
  3. Click on the Hotkeys tab and in the text box to the right of the "General hotkey" option, just click on some keys to change it.
    • LightShot-Options2.png


Educational Tips on using LightShot and other Screen Capture software:

  1. Copy questions from the internet that I can add to a worksheet or assessment that I am creating.  Why type it all?  I screen capture the question and copy and paste it into the document I am creating.
    • LightShot-Multiple Choice Question.jpg
  2. Use LightShot to quickly create a diagram to be labeled.
    • Lightshot-labeling.jpg

I use LightShot while preparing lessons so that I can add images quickly to most of my presentations, worksheets, and assessments quickly.