Mapped K-6 Math Activities

Just came across Matific.  Matific is a free match activity website for teachers and students to access.  On this website students will get a chance to play activities that will reinforce their current mathematics knowledge.  There are also Android Math App and AppStore Math Apps that go with it. Below are some of the features that you and your students can get access to.  

1.  Go to

2. One the Math Activities Tab you will see that you can filter math activities by grade level, curriculum and what is really neat, you can filter by the math book you might be using.

Matific Math Activities Menu

3. If you were to select your Math class's grade level, you filtering menu appears on the left column of the Matific website.  From here you can select the math concepts that you are going to be teaching to see what type of digital math activities are available.  Just click on the concept and you will get multiple math standards to open up.  From there you can select digital math "episodes" or even get some free worksheets.  If you want the free math worksheets though, you will need to register for a free account.  

Math Activities Module Selector

4. Some areas of the math content tabs have actual lesson plans that are tied to specific state math and common core standards, which are very detailed and contain an opening, teacher presentation, student activity, whole class discussion, and optional follow ups.

Matific Lesson Plan format

5.  If you are to click the Math Activities by Curriculum tab you get standards based on some states and the common core math standards.  Clicking on the over arching objectives will open up all of the sub standards for that specific state math standards.

Common core math activitiesMath activities by common core standard

6.  Finally you can open up activities that are specific to many math books.  Just click the "By Book" tab, select your grade level, and then select your text.  Hopefully they have it.

Math activities by text book.

7.  After using any filter for your math grade level on the left side of the screen, math activities, episodes, worksheets and lesson plans will show up on the right side of your screen.

Matifi k6 math activities

8. It is beneficial to go ahead and register for a free account so that you have access to all of the content.  If you are a K-6 teacher then Matific is truly free.  If you are a parent or have students that need access to their online content from home it is just $3.00 per month.  For as good as the website is, that is a really aire deal.

Below is a video demonstration of the Matific Site.  You can also head over to the Matfic Youtube channel to see more detailed information, tutorials on using the site, and video of activity game play.