Print Friendly Google Chrome Extension

Print Friendly is an excellent Google Chrome extension that allows you to take any webpage, discard text, images, and ads, and the create a printer and student friendly PDF file.

  1. Click on the following: Print Friendly
  2. Install the extension.
  3. Go to a web page that you want to print.
  4. Click on the Print Friendly extension button found at the top right of your Google Chrome browser.
  5. A pop up window will appear and you can select the different areas you would like to delete by just clicking on them.
  6. If you haven't noticed, any ad on the page has already been taken out.
  7. Once you have just the portions you want to copy for your students, just click the "PDF" button at the top.
  8. This will generate the PDF that you can now share via printed, Google Doc, or Email.
  9. Some other settings you might try to play with are the text size and removing all images at once.

NOTE:  This is a Google Chrome extension so it won't work in other browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer.