Quick Rubric: Web 2.0 Rubric Maker

For those educators who use rubric to grade projects with, here is a new and simple rubric maker, Quick Rubric.  Quick Rubric is indeed quick.  It live up to its name.  Here is a quick demonstration and tutorial on how to use this simple rubric maker.


  • Change the column titles if you wish by just clicking on "Proficient," "Emerging," or "Beginning."
    • Rubric Columns


  • You can also add columns and rows by clicking the simple "Add Row" and "Add Column" buttons.
    • Rubric Maker add Rows and Columns


  • Change the rubric's row titles by simply clicking on them.


  • You can change the order of the rubric criteria by clicking the up and down arrows.
    • ​​Rubric Maker Row Order


  • Once you are finish just click the "Save Rubric" button.
    • Save Rubric Button


  • After you have saved your rubric, you will get 3 more buttons.  You can now view, print, copy or delete your rubric.
    • Print Copy and View Rubric Buttons

Your rubric is now ready to shared to your class.  Happy Rubric making.

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