Earth Science: Current USGS Significant Worldwide Earthquake Investigation

In this Earth Science Earthquake activity students will explore the USGS current earthquake website. Students will understand what is to be found on the USGS Earthquake website. They will discover how many earthquakes have occurred recently. Students will gain an understanding of what the Mercalli Intensity Scale is used for. Students will discover the 5 largest recent earthquakes that have occurred around the world. They will gain a better understanding of geography as well by using maps and map scales to determine distances from an earthquake epicenter. Students will discover how to find the earthquake focus depth, time, date, and countries affected by current earthquakes. In this investigation, students will read some charts and analyze them to discover the percentages of possible fatalities and economic losses that might have occurred during and after the earthquake. When students are finished with this activity, they will understand that the USGS has great resource at their disposal that can help them analyze earthquakes and their effects.

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