Q:  Is using this site free?   

  • Absolutely

Q: Why would I want to register?   

  • Jason and I are trying to build a community of teachers, who work together to build a site that can be used by all, absolutely free.  We as teachers spend too many hours finding a resource to use for a particular content area, and we aren't even sure it is worth the effort.  When you register, you will have the ability to rate, comment on, bookmark and even add content.  We feel that having teachers participate in deciding what resources should go or stay, will make all the resources on the site worth using.  Registering will allow you to participate in the project.

Q:  Do I need an account to use EducationalResource.org?  

  • No.  Even without an account you are welcome to use all available resources.

Q: Can I add my own resources?

  • Yes.  We just ask that the resources you share and upload are your own, so that we don't have any copyright issues.  You may however link to other websites, videos, images, and files.

Q: Why the ads?

  • Not going to lie, we want to make money.  It costs some money to host a server, not too much, and we want to get paid for our time.
  • You will never see more than 3 ads on a page though.  One at the top, one on the side, and one just above each resource.
  • We will make this offer though.  We can take away 2 out of the 3 ads forever, if you add 5 resources or make any donation amount by clicking the "Donate" button on the left.

Q: Will Educational Resource create or add resources for every subject?

  • Jason has extensive teaching experience in History, Geography, and Language Arts, Brian has extensive experience in teaching Earth Science, Biology, Spanish, and lower level math courses.   This is why you find most of the content in those areas.
  • Our hope, as mentioned above is to create an educational community that will have enough educators with experience from Kindergarten to all High School Subjects.
  • It is our hope to have one place on the web, with easy to find resources for all subjects K-12 teachers.

Q:  I homeschool my children, can I use the site and participate in adding content?

  • Absolutely.  We believe that this site will even become better if parents are involved. If you are using resources you think a public educator would want to use, please feel free to share as well.

Q:  Which set of standards are you using?

  • In truth, after having been in education for many years, we have seen standards come and go, but what has always remained was content.  Content has only changed between grade level, but students still need to learn math facts, algebra, geometry, reading and writing ability, and all the concepts in science and social studies.  The Educational Resource site is content based, subject specific and we have done our best to estimate which resources would fit best with each of the levels.  Please use the comment sections, as registered members, to let us know if a concept has been placed incorrectly.