Goal: A game of addition and comparing numbers

In this addition and comparing numbers math game students will have an opportunity to reinforce their greater than, less than and equal to fluency. This is a game where students will roll dice, write those numbers down, add them up and then compare them to see who has the better shot to score a goal. Once they play 8 rounds they will add up their total wins and those of their partner and then compare the two numbers to see who won the game.

  1. Pair your students up.
  2. Each student will roll the dice (number cube) 3 times. 
  3. Each time the dice is rolled they will record the number on one of the soccer balls.  They will also record the roll of their partner’s dice.
  4. The students will then add the three dice up and record their number under the “Your Score” column.  They will also add up their partner’s dice and record his/her score under the “Partner’s Score” column.
  5. Now they will compare their score with that of their partner’s using the <,>, or = signs.
  6. A student wins a round if the greater sign is in their favor.
  7. To find out who wins the game completely, students will add up all of their wins and all of their partner’s wins and record those numbers in the total wins row.
  8. They will then compare their total wins to see who has the most.
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