Google Chrome: How do I add an extension?

Google Chrome extensions can be a very valuable tool for teachers.  It is worth browsing the Google Chrome store where you can download many extensions that can make your job as a teacher much easier.  Below are the instructions on installing a Chrome Extension and three extensions worth knowing about.

1. Open up Google Chrome.

2. Click on the three bars at the top right corner.

  • chrome three bars.jpg

3. Click the "Settings" option.

  • chrome settings.jpg

4. On the left hand side click the "Extensions" link.

  • chrome_extensions_link.jpg


5. At the very bottom of the screen you should now see a "Get more extensions" link.  Click it.

  • chrome_extensions_search.jpg

6. This should have opened up the Google Chrome Store.  Just type in the search bar, terms that would help you find the extension you are looking for.

7.  Once you find an extension you want to try just click the "Add to Chrome" button and then follow the prompts to add the extension.

  • add_to_chrome_button.jpg

8.  Once you have extensions loaded you can play with their settings by clicking on the 

9.  Some extensions worth trying to enhance a teachers ability to save time are:

  • Adblocker Plus
    • Removes ads as you use the internet.  This is extremely important as some ads don't show the most appropriate pictures that students should see.  This extension will save you from some embarrassment and explanations.  Removing ads also increases page load times.
  • ImprovedTube
    • ​​ImprovedTube allows you to change multiple settings on Youtube that can also save some embarassment and time.
    • Change video size, layout, whether or not to show annotations, get rid of the comments section, get rid of the related videos on the right side section, and many more.
    • For a $1.50 you can get the full version of ImprovedTube.  I like this paid version because it lets me block the related videos at the end of the Youtube video.  Sometimes those related videos can have inappropriate content portrayed.  I know from person experience.
  • Print Friendly
    • Print Friendly will allow you to delete elements from web pages so that you can just create a PDF of content that you want.  Remove menus, ads, and images so that you can just print the important parts of the website.




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