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Figurative Language Through Disney Songs

This is a fun introduction to Figurative Language and is very suitable for numerous age groups.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Bill Nye-The Joy of Discovery

Bill Nye said about the Joy of Discovery is awesome.  It is the joy of
discovery that makes every human being a scientist.  We explore, test,
hypothesize and form conclusions.  Watch this video with your students
to see if they agree with what was said.  The images and videos attached
to this video are beautiful.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Geometry Rap

Here is a rap song about the different shapes and angles.  Words that
are discussed are rhombus, right angles, triangles, acute angles,
parallelograms, etc...  It features elementary students and is sung at
about the elementary grade level.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Learn your long division in the style of Gangnam.

Levin Intermediate School in New York had a couple of math classes
create a math video as a parody to the Gangnam Style song.  The topic
was long division.  The toon is pretty catchy.  When a
teachers wants to discuss more on long division and demonstrate the
process differently this video is going to be great.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Little Big League baseball team trying to solve a word problem

Try this word problem with your students  to see if
they can solve the word problem given in this movie, "Little Big
League."  This video is sure entertaining and mathematically funny. Click for Rest of Tech Tip

I fought for you!!

This is a patriotic video that shows why we should teach our students to be more patriotic!Click for Rest of Tech Tip

The Great Alaskan Earthquake of 1964

Here is a short documentary created by the USGS about the 1964 Alaskan
Earthquake.  Remember that this is the largest US earthquake in our
recorded history.  The video is mostly in black and white, but that is
because it much of it was recorded just after the event.  The video show
a bunch of images of the uplift that occurred.  Your students will also
learn about the subduction zones that cause the Alaskan earthquakes. 
One of the things I really like is that the video demonstrates how
scientists conduct experiments and observations by using...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

International Relations - Studio C

This is a fun video that displays the various international relationships that exist with the United States...or at least our perception of those relationships.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

WKRP explains the atom

Remember that good old show WKRP.  What happened to great TV like that? 
Anyway, in this video the teacher teaches one of his students all about
the atom.  This clip is full of humor while teaching the concept.  He
does a pretty good job of it too.  Lighten the mood in your classroom by
showing this video during your unit on Atoms.Click for Rest of Tech Tip