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Interjections: School House Rock Interjections Song

When introducing your interjections to your language arts class, this video by Schoolhouse Rock would be a fun one to show.  This song will probably put the word interjections into their long term memories.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

First Grade Math Worksheets: Valentine unknown whole number worksheet

In this 1st grade math worksheet, students will determine which whole number is missing from a number sentence. First grade students will get an opportunity to demonstrate how whole numbers relate to each other in an equation. These numbers range from 1-20 and the math worksheet in a Valentine style, both font and imagery. There are 8 number sentence questions.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Education Study Game: The Unfair Game

While browsing Google looking for a new study/review game I could play with my Spanish and Science students, I came across this game called the "Unfair Game" and then adapted it to my style of teaching, trying to make a little more interactive and fun.

I used the Smartboard Notebook software to create this game.  You could however, use any number of methods to play even if you don't have an interactive white board or a projector.  Here is my basic set up:

  1. Create a new file in your interactive software.  I called it the "Unfair Game" but any title will work.
  2. ...Click for Rest of Tech Tip
Goal: A game of addition and comparing numbers

In this addition and comparing numbers math game students will have an opportunity to reinforce their greater than, less than and equal to fluency. This is a game where students will roll dice, write those numbers down, add them up and then compare them to see who has the better shot to score a goal. Once they play 8 rounds they will add up their total wins and those of their partner and then compare the two numbers to see who won the game.

  1. Pair your students up.
  2. Each student will roll the dice (number cube) 3 times. 
  3. ...Click for Rest of Tech Tip
Snowmen Catching AB Patterns of Snowflake

 As a teacher you can either have the students discover AB patterns as a whole group lesson using your interactive whiteboard, or you can reinforce their ability of AB patterns using the worksheet.  Students will also get to cut out and glue the snowflakes onto the worksheet as an activity.  There are also a few extra snowflake they can cut out and create a necklace with if you would like to do an extension activity.  This worksheet is great during the winter months....Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Ones and Tens, Group the Aliens

Elementary students will have a fun chance of reinforcing their understanding of the ones and tens places by grouping numbers of aliens in groups of 10 and writing down how many are left over. Students will better understand what whole numbers are and that they can be represented by written symbols and be represented in amounts of tens and ones.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Attributes of 2d and 3d Shapes for 1st to 2nd Grade
Through this reinforcement math activity students will identify a 2d shape vs. a 3d shape. Shapes included circles, spheres, squares, cubes, rectangles, pyramids, cylinders and cones. Students will also practice determining larger shapes vs. smaller shapes. They will get some practice telling which shape has more vertices than another. Essential questions are What is a shape? How can shapes be identified? What is an attribute? How do we use attributes to draw and compare shapes?
...Click for Rest of Tech Tip
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Multiplication: Self Correcting Quizzes

Online Practice Multiplication Tool

This is a website that can help students practice the multiplication tables online.  The user may pick difficulty levels up through 12 X 12.  The multiplication quiz grades...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Science: Dichotomous keys and why and how they are used

Biology Dichotomous Keys

This video by the Amoeba Sisters does a great job describing what a dichotomous key is and how it is used to classify and organize organisms.  After showing your students this...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Math Snacks: Coordinate Plane and Grid Game

Coordinate Plane Math Game

Game over Gopher by is an excellent game that will for sure help reinforce your students' ability to understand and use coordinate planes.  The first...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Math Snacks: Build Numbers Using Place Value Game

Gate, a game by will help your students gain a better understanding of place value and number sense.  It will help your students be able to compose and decompose numbers using addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  By the time they are done with all 16 levels they will become proficient with building numbers.  Numbers they will build go from .01 to 999.  With this game also comes a teacher's guide as well as a video on how teachers tie this game into standers of math common core....Click for Rest of Tech Tip