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Math Snacks: Math Number Grouping Game

Monster School Bus, a game by will surely help your students gain a better understanding of grouping numbers both whole numbers and decimals.  Students use the keyboard to create groups of numbers that equal either 10 or 1.  They will also be able to recognize that there are many methods of representing groups of numbers.  Playing the game will ensure that they get quite a bit of practice performing operations with multi-digit whole numbers and decimals to the hundredths place.  On the Monster School Bus page there is also a teacher's guide and a video...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Math Snacks: Number line Game

Perl Diver, a game by will help your students better understand number lines as they play a game diving for pearls along a number line.  The game gets more difficult as you play through the different levels.  The number line game starts with 1 to 10 and before they are done they are going from -5 to 5 using whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers and decimals.  There are also bonus round that help your students practice estimating halves, thirds, and quarters.  The game really...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Math Snacks: Learn Ratios with the Ratio Rumble Game

Ratio Rumble, a game by Math Snacks, will help teachers reinforce student comprehension of ratios. There are 14 levels and students start off with 1 : 2 ratios but will end up with complex 3 part ratios such as 1 : 2 : 4 and even decimal ratios like 1.5 : 3.  By the time students master level 14 they will be able to identify and build equivalent ratios, use multiplication and division to find equivalent ratios, and organize equivalent ratios into a table.  Below the game there is also a teacher's guide and a video on how to use this ratio game with your students.

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Mapped K-6 Math Activities

Just came across Matific.  Matific is a free match activity website for teachers and students to access.  On this website students will get a chance to play activities that will reinforce their current mathematics knowledge.  There are also Android Math App and AppStore Math Apps that go with it. Below are some of the features...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Matific: K-6 Online Math Activities and Lessons

Matific is a website that contains a plethora of excellent math content, activities, lesson plans, and worksheets.  It is free for teachers and organized by specific state and common core standards.  Students will be engage while reinforcing math concepts that you have been teaching.  Here is a blog post that describes how to use and what Matific is all about.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Earth Science: Eruption of Geyser Demonstration

In this demonstration, students will get a better understanding of what a geyser is and what makes it function the way it does.  I was worried about trying this at the high school earth science level because it is a bit elementary, but the science is sound, and it works.  Materials needed are:

  • hot plate
  • glass tubing
  • two single holed stoppers
  • half a soda bottle
  • colored water

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Earth Science Demonstration: Chocolate Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonic chocolate lab

Here is a plate tectonic demonstration/lab idea for all grade levels.  You can easily use this video when teaching about earthquakes and plate movements.  All you will need is a hot plate, pan, some milk and chocolate powder.  Place the pan on the hot plate, pour in some milk, pour a thick layer of chocolate powder on...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Google Docs: Numbering in a List

This tutorial is for those who are having issues with a numbered list that is copied and pasted.  If you have ever tried to accomplish this in Google Docs, you will have undoubtedly come across the issue where the copied and pasted portion continues with the numbering right where you left off.  An example of what I am talking about is below.  The left picture is what is happening and the right picture is what you want.  This can be confusing to your students.

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Earth Science: Why do Rivers have Deltas Video

How do river deltas form

This is an excellent video, by MinuteEarth, to show your Earth Science students how deltas from due to river deposition.  It discusses...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Natural Selection online simulation worksheet

This is a worksheet I developed that follows along with an online simulation from

I plan on using it as an activity/online lab to show students how natural selection works over a long period of time. Unlike other simulators, this one allows each student a variety of options to choose from before the simulation begins. These options mean that each student will end up with a unique scenerio and can compare how their simulation differs and...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Earth Science: Exploring River Formation Lab

Here is a lab I created for my High School Earth Science course using old salad bars as stream tables to model river formation, stream abandonment, and ocean sediment layering.  The lab went well. i was a little worried that students would think this was too elementary, but most of them enjoyed the lab and watching water trickle through sand sediment creating rivers and banks.  My goal with this lab was to have them understand a little about why the world's rivers are shaped the way they are.

Grade Level: Can be modified for all grades, but designed for Jr. High and...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Music Video about black holes.

If you are about to teach a lesson on black holes and the Roche Limit, this this might be a fun science video to watch with your students. Click for Rest of Tech Tip