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Astronomy video about the physics of light

This music video can bring some joy to your lesson about light, gravity, waves, and the big bang as they listen to a parody of the Lion King song, The Circle of Life.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Biomagnification, DDT, and affects on the Food Chain

In this video, students will gain a better understanding of biomagnification and how primary consumers are affected by chemicals that humans put out that then have a chance at affecting animals above them in the food chain.  There is an emphasis on how biomagnification affected the reproduction rate of bald eagles so this is a great science video to show when teaching some environmental science.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Understanding Chromosome count cells

In this biology video, students will grasp a better understanding of how cells divide through mitosis and meiosis, but the emphasis is on how through mitosis and meiosis, the daughter cells will either contain the same number of chromosomes or contain half the amount of chromsomes.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Lightning: Learn Lightning Safety from an interview with a cloud

This is a short comical video about an interview with a cloud.  He describes how easy it is to hit humans as they try to escape lightning bolts.  The cool thing is, that by the time your students are done watching this video about lightning, they will understand a little bit better about the dangers and how...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

NFL Physics Lessons

This NBC website contains multiple physics videos with explanations about how concepts of physics are used when football players play.  The physics concepts explained and discussed in these videos are: 

  • Pythagorean Theorum
  • Torque
  • Center of Mass
  • Newton's Three Laws of Motion
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Kinematics: velocity, accelerations, and position
  • Vectors
  • Projectile motion

 Click for Rest of Tech Tip

10 Classroom Management Tips for Teachers

Found this on edutopia this last week.  These are 10 excellent classroom management tips that you might want to share at your next professional development meeting on classroom management techniques.

...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Challenging Math Games that Engage Students

I just came across Calculation Nation website and they have a set of about 10 challenging games for older elementary students all the way to high school.  As I was evaluating the site, I found myself trying to beat the computer and it was difficult to pry myself away.  If students register an account they can even challenge other players instead of just a computer.  Below are some of my favorite games and a brief explanation about them and what math concept it could help students reinforce.

EQAttack...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Understanding Fractions Percents and Decimals using a Fraction Model

This this educational resource students and teachers can demonstrate the correlation between fractions, percents, and decimals.  By changing variables on the fraction model they can see how a particular fraction will equal a percent which is also equal to a decimal.  It is very visual.  This can be used as whole group instruction or if you have some computers students can work together. This link here contains on off digital method to...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Learning Math by Productively Failing

This article details some interesting experiments that researches are doing to try to improve students ability to understand math concepts.  In the article, it is explained that researchers are giving students math problems where they are to struggle and probably fail in trying to answer the question, but through their investigations students learn what questions they actually need to ask in order to solve the problem.  Students also are now invested in the question, so...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

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Addition Property: Add like a Turkey during Thanksgiving

In this activity students can be assessed or practice what they know and have learned about the addition property.  This math worksheet can is created using a Thanksgiving theme.  The final question has student creating their own drawing, to demonstrate their addition property skill.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Earth Science Lab: Sand Dunes Lab

In this Earth Science Lab, students are able to demonstrate models of sand dunes, their predominant wind patterns, and the approximate angles of repose.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Time: 1-2 class periods.

Materials you will need: