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Administrative Walk Through, Things to Look For

Here is an infographic for administrator that  can help them with some ideas as to what they can look for when completing their teacher evaluation walk through.  Find more at mshouser.comClick for Rest of Tech Tip

Understanding Glaciers Lab

Understanding Glaciers Lab

This lab will help students understand what glaciers are, what some of the formations and deposits look like, and will have students explore how glaciers grow and shrink, and how scientists go about discovering glacial movement speeds over time.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Earth Science Lab: Digital Glacier Lab

I am a huge fan of the Phet lab simulations.  I find that they are a great way to model real world situations and give students the ability to explore areas such as those with glaciers, digitally since it is virtually impossible for teachers to take such awesome field trips.  This lab is a compilation of other labs that I have found both on Phet and around the internet.  This Earth Science lab also allows students to use Google to find information about about glacial landforms and how they deposit their sediments.

...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Earth Science Lab: Angle of Repose

One of my goals in the last couple of years is to incorporate more math into my Earth Science course.  This lab allows students to explore the angle of repose, or the angle at which a consolidated slope can get before it becomes dangerously close to some sort of mass movement/wasting event.  Students are going to explore the angle at which a particular sediment, mostly sand, will begin to slide down slope.  Here is a copy of the angle of repose lab sheet that students used to help them explore...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Earth Science: Angle of Repose Lab Sheet

Angle of repose lab

In this lab students will discover, using a little trigonometry, the angle of repose of dry sand, silt, and clay mix.  This lab takes about 55 minutes to complete and when students are finished they will be able to find the angle of repose...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Learn about cells while playing games

This is a really cool website that features many different activities and games that younger students can play to learn about cells.  Some of the games that you can play are: Mitosis, Cell Turnover Rates, Building Organs, Organ Surgery, Genes and your Cells, Bioengineering, Gene Finder, Fight with Bacteria, Fight a Flu Epidemic, Dieting and Exercise, a game about Heart Disease, Discover what cancer is, Explore possibilities to curring cancer, Develop a new drug, Become a medical engineer and make artificial limbs, and many more.  Students can explore the inside and outside of cells.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Antimatter and Dark Matter Comic

Here is a comic to use when teaching about antimatter or dark matter, if that is ever really taught in school.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Dan Meyer on Real World Math

Dan Meyer is one of the great math teachers of the world who tries his best to bring real world situations into the math classroom.  Here is his take on how and why he teaches math in such a unique and needed way.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Jumping Through Government Hoops in Education Comic

Now this comic is hilarious and hit the truth about all of the hoops that educators have to jump through to appease the government.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Parents' Language Skills

Here is a fun graphic you can show at your next Language Arts department meeting about parents want teachers to teach better, but don't quite have the skills themselves to teach grammar and language skills at home.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Learning for Life: 5 Steps Taylor Elementary is taking

In this article an Elementary principal discusses 5 steps that his school is taking to develop lifelong learners.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

Learning for Life

Learning for Life

By Jeremy Hatch, Principal-Taylor Elementary

Rural School Learning for Life

A parent unloads movable corral panels from the back of a large ranch truck and sets them up on the school playground in a circle. Later, that same corral...Click for Rest of Tech Tip