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"I Like Ike" Campaign Ad

This video shows one of President Eisenhower’s campaign commercials.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

"Punctuation" Song" - LL Cool J

This is a quick, fun video to help introduce or review basic punctuation for kids.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

"Q" Without "U" Song

This is a fun video that explores the relationship between "q" and "u".Click for Rest of Tech Tip

"Th" Sounds and Words

This is a great video to help review and practice words that start with the sound "th".Click for Rest of Tech Tip

"Un-Valentine's Day": New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

This is a great Disney Valentine's Day cartoon for younger students. (Winnie the Pooh)Click for Rest of Tech Tip

"Winter" A Cartoon With A Groundhog Ending: Silly Symphony

This is a great video that shows the fun and harshness of winter and the anticipation of the Groundhog predicting six more weeks of Winter or an early Sping. This would be best used after discussing Groundhog Day and then helping the students make a connection to the end of the cartoon.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

1's Addition Song

This is a great video to reinforce the 1's addition facts.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

10 Classroom Management Tips for Teachers

Found this on edutopia this last week.  These are 10 excellent classroom management tips that you might want to share at your next professional development meeting on classroom management techniques.

...Click for Rest of Tech Tip

10 Reasons to Quiz Students Article I give quizzes about every other day in my HS science classes. I have noticed less test anxiety. I have noticed students are more prepared for the test. I am using the Smartboard Clickers and I can reteach concepts that a majority of students might not be understanding much quicker. Overall comprehension has improved this year over previous year. This is a great article that might be worth sharing in a faculty meeting that discusses the importance of quizzing students regularly.Click for Rest of Tech Tip
1929 Stock Market Crash

This is a great video to help understand and explore the Stock Market Crash of 1929 that ignited the financial crisis leading to the Great Depression.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

1956 Lituya Bay Alaska Tsunami Survivor video

When discussing tsunamis it is good to discuss that some tsunamis can reach hundreds of feet high if the conditions are right.  In 1958 that is what happened after an landslide generated a 1720 foot tsunami.   This video interviews two survivors that were swept up over the tree line during this tsunami.  They are lucky to be alive.Click for Rest of Tech Tip

1957 Little Rock Nine

This is a great video to help describe the terror that the Little Rock Nine confronted when they tried to enter Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas during the integration period of the Civil Rights Movement.Click for Rest of Tech Tip