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    This math video has Kermit the Frog teaching kids how to subtract with a little humor.
  • domino addition worksheet
    domino addition worksheet
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    This is a simple addition worksheet that will reinforce a student's ability to add using pictures. This worksheet has students add images of...
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    This is a great video by to help explain how to subtract fractions with different denominators. It will also review or explain...
  • No votes yet has free multiplication worksheets available to download, and each has a secret word message with a secret alphabet message key...
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    This site has an awesome online quiz activity that you can use to have your students take timed quizzes on their multiplication facts. You can also...
  • An imaginary number math comic
    An imaginary number math comic
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    An imaginary number math comic.
  • Demonstrate Making Bar Graphs
    Demonstrate Making Bar Graphs
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    Teach your students about the basics of taking data and creating a bar graph with it using this very simple online bar graph designer. 
  •  Snow Angles
     Snow Angles
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    Which teacher wouldn't want to see their students making snow angles?
  • Elapsed Time Online Practice Activity
    Elapsed Time Online Practice Activity
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    Here is an online activity that gives students a word problem that helps reinforce your unit on elapsed time.