Professional Development

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    This music video might be a great way to start a Professional Development meeting.  In this video, a third-grade teacher sings about her wish for having a snow day.  It is sung to the tune...
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    This video demonstrates how teachers can create a calculation in their SchoolMaster Gradebooks.  You would use calculations to calculate grade averages for any type of assignment.  Our...
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    In this video teachers can learn how to add fonts to their windows 7 and 10 machines.  Adding fonts in Windows has never been easier.  With added fonts you can enhance your presentations as...
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    Google Chrome extensions can be a very valuable tool for teachers.  It is worth browsing the Google Chrome store where you can download many extensions that can make your job as a teacher much...
  • Classroom Management Tips for teacher
    Classroom Management Tips for teacher
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    Found this on edutopia this last week.  These are 10 excellent classroom management tips that you might want to share at your next professional development meeting on classroom...
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    This article details some interesting experiments that researches are doing to try to improve students ability to understand math concepts.  In the article, it is explained that researchers are...
  • Administrator Walk Through and Observation
    Administrator Walk Through and Observation
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    Here is an infographic for administrator that  can help them with some ideas as to what they can look for when completing their teacher evaluation walk through.  Find more at
  • Government Hoops in Education
    Government Hoops in Education
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    Now this comic is hilarious and hit the truth about all of the hoops that educators have to jump through to appease the government.
  • Lifelong Learners
    Lifelong Learners
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    In this article an Elementary principal discusses 5 steps that his school is taking to develop lifelong learners.