Professional Development

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    This is a great clip to show in a professional development training to demonstrate the value of using data in the classroom. Teachers have access to more quality data than ever, on factors like...
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    Rebecca DuFour reviews the four critical questions professional learning communities (PLCs) need to ask to continuously focus on student learning. This is a great introduction for a staff...
  • Quizzing Students
    Quizzing Students
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    I give quizzes about every other day in my HS science classes. I have noticed less test anxiety. I have noticed students are more prepared for the test. I am using the Smartboard Clickers and I...
  • chemistry student and teacher
    chemistry student and teacher
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    Just because we digitize worksheets and place them online does not mean we have integrated technology. All we did was change the method of filling in spaces. Here is a great article about how to...
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    Great satire about how teachers grade papers is perceived. We all know that most teachers do their best to have accurate assessments, but then again we have all had that one teacher who we felt was...
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    If you have been in education for a long time, you will have undoubtedly heard of some "idea" that would "revolutionize" education.  In this video, Veritasium, describes some research into how...
  • Rigor vs. Difficulty
    Rigor vs. Difficulty
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    Here is a graphic that demonstrates the difference between educational rigor and just being more difficult.
  • Common Core Math Standards
    Common Core Math Standards
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    As you all know there is a big debate about the Common Core Standards.  This article discusses how the current math standards were created, the reasoning behind them, and some of the...
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    This is a great way to save time for teachers who use Google Apps with their students and who give feedback using the "Comments" tool.  This video will demonstrate how it is done.