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If you are teaching physical science and have often tried to come up
with a great explanation about why objects hit the ground at the same
time if they are dropped from the same height and time, then this video does an excellent job with this explanation  The video first

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This website has tons of worksheet generators.  Just enter your your parameters and the push the "Make Worksheet" button.  Worksheets that you can build are: Number Patterns, Missing numbers of varying difficulty, matching numbers, addition match-up, more or less, number ordering, count pets, number bingo, board game that emphasizes counting from zero to thirty, number lines, and number tracing worksheets.  The designs are beautiful and quick to make.

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Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

Education is the key
George Washington Carver

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In my High School biology class, we are learning about different biomes and ecosystems.  As part of that lesson we looked at pond water through microscopes so that students could see that ecosystems exist even in a single drop of water.  As we were looking for organisms, a student asked if he could take out his cell phone and take a picture of a worm he found.  In my class, using a cell phone is not an...Read more