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This is a great video to examine how a lightning bolt is formed and travels.

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This website has tons of worksheet generators.  Just enter your your parameters and the push the "Make Worksheet" button.  Worksheets that you can build are: Number Patterns, Missing numbers of varying difficulty, matching numbers, addition match-up, more or less, number ordering, count pets, number bingo, board game that emphasizes counting from zero to thirty, number lines, and number tracing worksheets.  The designs are beautiful and quick to make.

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The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.


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Education Revelations

While browsing Google looking for a new study/review game I could play with my Spanish and Science students, I came across this game called the "Unfair Game" and then adapted it to my style of teaching, trying to make a little more interactive and fun.

I used the Smartboard Notebook software to create this game.  You could however, use any number of methods to play even if you don't have an interactive white...Read more