Math Snacks: Learn Ratios with the Ratio Rumble Game

Ratio Rumble, a game by Math Snacks, will help teachers reinforce student comprehension of ratios. There are 14 levels and students start off with 1 : 2 ratios but will end up with complex 3 part ratios such as 1 : 2 : 4 and even decimal ratios like 1.5 : 3.  By the time students master level 14 they will be able to identify and build equivalent ratios, use multiplication and division to find equivalent ratios, and organize equivalent ratios into a table.  Below the game there is also a teacher's guide and a video on how to use this ratio game with your students.

Free math Ratio Game

Below is a video on actual game play that gives brief overview of what to expect from this game about ratios.



 Free Math Ratio Game
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