Earth Science: Famous Volcanoes Research Activity

In this web research activity students will research 14 volcanoes via the internet. All of these volcanoes are famous for either their size of eruption or the continuous eruptions that they have. They are famous for causing large tsunamis, huge pyroclastic flows and lahars, as well as some that might not be so dangerous but have flowed continuously for many years. Students will enhance their geography knowledge by plotting the volcanoes locations on a plate tectonic map. They will find out when the last eruption occurred. Students will decide whether the volcano is sitting on a subduction zone, divergent boundary, or a hot spot. They will discover whether or not the volcano had a famous death toll. Finally students will decide on the volcano type, whether it is a shield, strato/composite, or cinder cone volcano.

Teacher Reflection and Answer Key is attached.

Volcano Web Research Activity
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