Phet Block Density Lab

Phet Density and Buoyancy Lab

  • Description

    1. In this computer model lab, students will discover how volume, density, mass, and displacement relate to each other.

  • Time:  55 minutes

  • Whole Class instruction:

    1. Students will partner up.

    2. I will pass out the Phet Density lab sheet.

    3. They will grab a computer and go to the Phet lab.


    4. I actually read this lab with my students and have them follow along and I discuss questions as we go.  

    5. At each question students will solve it with their partners and we will discuss the answers together.

  • My Reflections:

    1. I have tried doing this lab individually and with partners without guidance and have not had the success that I have had working with them.  There are too many students who don’t understand the mathematical concepts and relationship between density, mass, and volume.  
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